Jessi Mardi Photography


Hey, I'm Jessi...

I am a container of light, time & movement. Documenting human emotion and peoples' stories is my passion    

Jessi, By Luis Hermosillo

My style is artistic documentary and I specialize in natural lighting. Paying attention to where light falls, and the tones and colors created is emphasized in my approach.  When taking a portrait I strive to capture candid emotion with the hope it can not only be conveyed now but for generations to come. I'm always down for fresh locations, ideas, or to travel  :)


 My love for the camera started in early childhood. The first things I photographed were the people around me, the spaces we inhabited, and anything nature related. As I grew so did the role photography had in my life and the passion I carried for it.

There are so many beautiful souls to photograph in my hometown of Madison, WI, and East High School is where I got my start taking senior portraits for my schoolmates. Since graduating in 2012, I've been working to expand my photographic services and portfolio to include;  fine art portraiture, *wedding & special events, *fashion & editorial, street, nature,  and  *conceptual.

In the summer of 2016, I began pursuing my Bachelors of Fine Arts at the University of Wisconsin, and have been focusing on how craft/art can be used as a medicine and to bridge gaps in communication. I have also had the opportunity to explore forms of  artistic expression & craft in mediums other than photography. To view my art please check-out my personal projects & follow me on Instagram. 

*more images available upon request